Trash-Educations begins in BONDALEM School

A great beginning! This Easter weekend April 2012, the day after full moon, was the great inauguration day of the Trash Education Program at the SD2 school and Bondalem. This is the 1st of 11 schools to benefit from this Trash Education Program. Funds for this project were donated by the LIONS CLUB in Switzerland, […]


at Shambala we separate the trash into PLASTIC, PAPER and ORGANIC trash and produce our own living GOLD Here in Bondalem we still don’t have any trash pickup service. This is true for most of Bali except in the larger cities. this means that each household somehow has to take care of their own trash. […]


In BALI much of the trash used to be biodegradable, such as banana leaves that rapped food items. Nowadays our modern words raps everything in plastic, which largely can’t be recycled. INSTEAD the  many rivers or the little streams have become the convenient conveyor belt of trash, that runs right out into the evil ocean. […]

Conservation efforts led by Buleleng villages

Desy Nurhayati, The Jakarta Post, Denpasar | Mon, 08/08/2011 8:00 AM Villagers in Bondalem and Tejakula in Bali’s northern regency of Buleleng have proven that conservation efforts can begin with small community-based groups. They have inspired seven other surrounding villages to join them in establishing the East Buleleng marine conservation zone, a remarkable first step […]

Bali Clean and Green Childrens Presentation

CLICK HERE for DETAILS on the CLASSROOM PRESENTATION Bali Hijau (GREEN BALI) Presentation for School children. Here is a copy of my Bali Hijau Presentation for you to use. It’s not rocket science but it has worked for me and delivered the message! For high school students you can use this too but also discuss […]


HELP US GET A CLEAN BALI Click here for a picture presentation on the BALI TRASH ISSUE courtesy of ATMA MEDIA <> At Shambala we work hard to keep the coral reef clean for guests, to keep the beaches and the walk ways clean. Our entire staff has learned to enjoy a clean environment, and […]

Keep Bali Clean – A Power Point Presentation –

Bali Trash Power Point Presentation This is a 35 MB File A year ago I, Ilona Selke, was invited by the Mayor of Bondalem to give a presentation on the Trash Problem in Bondalem. He had invited about 120 people to attend. There were the nine heads of schools of the larger Bondalem area, and […]

Clean Bondalem

We are working on the Trash Clean Up project in two stages. Our motto is: Live by Example “A CLEAN BONDALEM” or “BONDALEM BERSIH” Until not too long ago, everything in Bali was organic. Everything was wrapped in either banana leaves, or other natural products, which could be tossed into the garden, given to the […]