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One day Dewi our office angel came to me and said: “Ilona, if we could get a sponsor, I would love to sponsor the family that lives right behind us here at Shambala. The family is very, very poor and they can barely make it. They don’t have money to by food, let alone to […]

Carmen May is sponsor for Made WIDIA’s daughter in UBUD

When Carmen came to BALI to attend a workshop with Ilona Selke, we all went to meet the family and home of  our long time friend MADE WIDIYA. Right there, Carmen fell in love with the little girl of Made Widia.You know how sometimes you look into the eyes of a being and you know […]


We are so happy to have found a sponsor for our angel massage therapist SUKERTI’s daughter by the name of Luh Putri Astiti Lestari. Sukerti is one of five children at home, the fourth born with three elder brothers and one younger sister. As is customary, a woman moves in with her husbands family after […]

Sponsor Caroline Elsaesser of Agus Aries

Agus Aries’ two children Kadek Novi Wijayanti (the girl) and Putu Kelvin Rama Wijaya (the boy) Agus Aries came to Shambala like a deer at dawn. His sensitive nature, his loving heart and his total dedication to doing whatever needs to be done, made us pray that he may find a kind sponsor. He is […]

Sponsor Caroline Elsaesser of Putu Widayani

Ptu Widayani lives with her husband, and her girl PUTU CITRA WIDIACAHYANI at her husband’s family compound with eight people, including her father in-law, and her husband’s grandmother as well as her older brother in-law, who is also married, and who lives with his wife lives and their only child as well in the family […]

Sponsor Caroline Elsaesser of Komang Widiasa’s girl

Komang Widiasa lives with mother and with his wife and his daughter PUTU SRINADI PRAWATI. He is the youngest of three boys, of which one died in childhood. His father left his mother when Komang was already 20 years old, to live and marry another already divorced woman.  Her child from a previous marriage, his […]

Sponsor Robert & Marion Monden for the son of EDY

Here is Robert at a Party he called for all his sponsored children and the sponsored children for whom he so diligently found sponsors in Holland I have one family which has an amazing story: There was once a man,  who has already died, who brought to life a family of many children. He himself […]

Sponsor Caroline Elsaesser of Komang Adi

Komang Adi used to work on a cruise ship for about five years, as a Chef,  and was paid a great salary. This was a boon as the unemployment rate in Bondalem is 80%. However, when his own first born boy kept calling him UNCLE and didn’t relate to him as his Dad, Komang Adi […]

Sponsor Caroline Elsaesser of Ketut Warta’s child

Ketut Warta came to Shambala at a time when we didn’t have a position open. Yet he wanted to work so urgently, as we have an 80%  unemployment in Bondalem. He was so sweet in his interview, convincing me, Ilona, that we better find a place for him  Ketut had offered to clean the beach […]

SPONSOR Lucienne Suijker for EDY

Robert and Marion Monden, who have already sponsored many children in Bali themselves,  had realized that many a times a Balinese person will not even mention when they are in need, feeling that it is best that they solve all their issues with their own might. Beautiful as that is, the standard of living and […]

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