Listed are the posts for August 2009.

Amoraea Dreamseed Amoraea Dreamseed spend nearly six weeks at Shambala in order to create mystical artwork reflecting higher energy patterns that we can live by. He loved the surroundings of Shambala in order to create his paintings and his imaginative genius flourished here. Many hours were spent in inspirational meditation and subsequent rendering of his visions […]

Clean Bondalem

We are working on the Trash Clean Up project in two stages. Our motto is: Live by Example “A CLEAN BONDALEM” or “BONDALEM BERSIH” Until not too long ago, everything in Bali was organic. Everything was wrapped in either banana leaves, or other natural products, which could be tossed into the garden, given to the […]

Sponsor a Child for School

When Don and I first came to Bali we loved the land, the people, the colorful sights, and we made friends with one Balinese young man, by the name of Mad Widia and subsequently with his family. On that first trip, Made took us into his home, dressed us in traditional clothing, took us to […]

Easy Greetings in Indonesian

Budi: Selamat pagi, Bu! Wati: Selamat pagi, Pak! Budi: Apa kabar? Wati: Baik. Anda? Budi: Baik-baik juga. Selamat tinggal. Wati: Selamat jalan. Terjemahannya (The Translation): Budi: Good morning, Ma’am! Wati: Good morning, Sir! Budi: How are you? Wati: Good. You? Budi: Also good. Good bye. Wati: Good bye. READ ON and find more very […]

Gallery of stunning Images by Heath Bennet

Photos by Heath Bennett Gallery click here

Bali’s Important Festivals

Balinese life could be synonymous with living in Heaven on Earth. Young or old alike are very dedicated to a life that honors the unseen world foremost. All actions, all passages, all things, such as cars, machines, buildings, trips, etc all need to be connected to the higher force, to God. Therefor all things of […]

Commitment or Marriage Ceremony at Shambala

BALI COMMITMENT CEREMONIES The tropical island of Bali is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful and romantic places in the world. If you feel that the time has come for you and your partner  to declare your  commitment to each other, in a ceremony prepared just for you, why not do […]

Bali’s Religion & Culture

About 500 years ago the Queen of Java was usurped by her own brother to surrender her throne. She and all her followers had adhered to the Hindu religion, in a peaceful way. She was now asked to accept the Moslem religion or die.

Ketchak Tanz und achtsam leben

Gerade jetzt, wo ich mich hinsetze, um aus Bali eine Nachricht zu schreiben, wandert ein ganzer Zug von zeremonierenden Balinesen die Strasse, unweit von unserem Haus, herunter zum Meer. Trommelnd, singend, und andächtig feiernd, zieht lange eine Schaar von wunderschön, traditionel gekleideten Balinesen, Jung und Alt, die lange Strasse zum Meer hinunter, dem Endziel Ihrer […]