Listed are the posts for June 2010.

Susan Hayward at Shambala

Susie Hayward We have had a number of amazing artists stay at Shambala and Susie was a most amazing person to meet. With 1.3 million copies of her book in print, she had retained a beautiful persona. Unlike some others,  her ego was not at all inflated despite her notoriety. In fact she

A Chat with God

God � � � �Hello. Did you call me? Me � � � �Called you? No. �� � � �Who is this? God � � � �This is GOD. �� � � �I heard your prayers. �� � � �So I thought I will chat.


We do love our visitors, and truly remember them! Here is Edy, Dewi and Kadek with you!! Your story was amazing, and the light you both radiated so high. When we first sat down and you showed us your electronic violins you are making, I had no idea what consciousness was hidden behind your New […]

Donation for a Kindergarden

Today is the day of celebration, as all children who attended Kindergarten are graduating to attend SD, first grade of school. A fitting day to thank for the kind donation of one single Contributor, Caroline Elsaesser, from Germany, who made this Kindergarten in Bondalem a dream come true.