Listed are the posts for November 2011.

Lilia Cangemi with Ilona Selke in WATERDANCE

Dolphindance with Lilia Cangemi and Ilona Selke at Shambala, in the heat-able Pool Photos by Robert Sannes ABOUT DOLPHINDANCE: LILIA CANGEMI Inspired by Watsu, Waterdance and Healing Dance, a Dolphin Dance Healing individual session starts on the surface of the water and then leads the receiver (upon request) into the mesmerizing world of the underwater […]

Robert Rabbin at Shambala

Robert Rabbin’s Website We have been having the true pleasure of hosting Robert Rabbin, Author of numerous books, at Shambala.  Here are his words: I have been in Shambala, owned and operated by Ilona Selke and Don Paris, for more than a week, and I will remain here in paradise for another two weeks, during […]