Listed are the posts for May 2012.

SPONSOR CHIEM von Houwelingen of KOMANG AYU’s Younger Daughter

UTU TASYA MARTHA NIA the younger daughter When Chiem van Houwelingen had been inspired by their friends Robert & Marion Monden from Holland as well, and wanted to sponsor a child in Bondalem. They chose to support the youngest daughter (UTU TASYA MARTHA NIA) of a mother of three, who needed to give up her […]

Sponsor YVONNE KOCH of Dewi

Here is Dewi with her two children, who is now being sponsored by YVONNE KOCH from Switzerland! Yvonne had been taking care of a Tibetan Child for a long time until recently, when the young adult finished her schooling and was looking for a new child to take on. She now decided to help the […]