Listed are the posts for July 2012.

Sponsors Edwin van Ooyen and Robert Monden of Kadek Lastu’s two boys

The older boy Gede Johana Agas Sanjaya is being sponsored by Robert Monden & The younger boy Kadek Radana Ade Sanjay is being sponsored by Edwin Ooyen For a long time the mother was the bread winner in the family, being a massage therapist at Shambala. Her husband took work whenever he could find some, […]

Sponsors Robert & Marion Monden with Made Arsa and family

Komang Diah Pradnyani Dewi (girl)¬† & Ngurah Putu Wikan Adi (boy) I asked Made to write about his children, to introduce them to his sponsors, and here are his words: Nurah Putu Wikan Adi,¬† is my first boy, he currently goes to the second class of junior high school. He was born on 13th of […]

Sponsors Lugt & van Hagen sponsors of Putu Mawar’s (Rose) two boys

Sponsors Carolien Lugt sponsoring the girl of Putu Mawar by the name of Putu Wahyu Mahendra And sponsor¬† Irene van Hagen sponsoring the boy by the name of Kadek Yudia Wirautama Mawar is an amazing women. No matter how hard her life’s lessons, she will love, laugh and smile and be grateful. She takes her […]


It all started like this: Our Manager MADE ARSA when still very young, had to work and stop going to school because his Dad didn’t have the funds to keep him in school. One day, whilst working in a yard, a Dutch couple saw the young boy and asked him his age. Shocked that this […]