Donation for a Kindergarden



Today is the day of celebration, as all children who attended Kindergarten are graduating to attend SD, first grade of school.

A fitting day to thank for the kind donation of one single Contributor, Caroline Elsaesser, from Germany, who made this Kindergarten in Bondalem a dream come true.

Until now, the children had simply had a large roof structure to play under. On days of heavy rain, and high winds, such as happen in the rainy season, there was no place to go.

Now, the government cosponsored the construction of this Kindergarten, by matching the funds that were offered by Caroline Elsaesser.

She had participated in a seminar held by Shambala owners a few years back.

We are totally grateful to her for her kindness and efforts.

Today the children move on to the next phase of their life: School education.

Last year the children started to get used to putting on their uniforms, pack a bag, be gone from home for a few hours a day, and play with other same aged children, under their teachers guidance.

Bali children are very attached to their family members, as they are carried on arms of any one of their relative all day long for much of their first year of life. They are considered a treasure, the insurance of the family spirit, the lineage, the old age care giver of later days.

Grandfathers and grandmothers are often seen holding their treasure on their arms, still contributing to life in a meaningful way, as their sons and daughters may be working.

Jean Liedloff’s adage “The Continuum Concept” of the potential human come to life in Bali. Love breeds love.

Thank you from our hearts!