Sponsor Caroline Elsaesser of Ketut Warta’s child

KETUTWARTAKetut Warta came to Shambala at a time when we didn’t have a position open. Yet he wanted to work so urgently, as we have an 80%  unemployment in Bondalem. He was so sweet in his interview, convincing me, Ilona, that we better find a place for him  Ketut had offered to clean the beach and streets, anything at all, although he had applied and hoped for a position in the restaurant. He was willing to work in any position, as he also had to take care of his younger brother who was still in school.

Ketut Warta is  father of three children, two twin boy, and one girl age 10 years old, who already is in the fourth grade. Her name is: PUTU PRADNYA SILVIA DEWI.

She loves to learn English, which was taught free of charge at a YAYASAN (non-profit organization) in Bondalem. She developed this desire to speak English, because when she once or twice accompanied her father to work at Shambala, and she saw how all the tourist were able to speak with the Balinese staff in English.

This really made her want to be able speak English, so at a future time she too could speak English with the guests.

Caroline Elsaesser

Caroline Elsaesser has decided to sponsor the child of Ketut Warta!

Ketut’s wife stays at home and takes care of the three children, and his mother (her mother in-law) as it is customary in Bali.

Ketut and his wife had yet another child, the second born, a girl. About a year ago, sometime after the birth of Ketut’s twin boys, him and his wife decided to let his younger brother have his daughter, although they live far away in Denpasar,  because his younger brother could not have children of his own.

Every Balinese has to have a child, as this is their old age insurance, as well as the insurance for the spiritual care after the parents death, a very important aspect to Balinese’ life. The soul of the deceased person is still guarding the welfare of the family and so a good relation between the children and parents  is necessary to guarantee a good watchful eye from the one that has departed.

Being the eldest son, the responsibility landed on his shoulder to take care of his family, plus his wife and his children.

He is incredibly happy to be receiving this support by Caroline!