Sponsor Caroline Elsaesser of Komang Adi

Komang Adi used to work on a cruise ship for about five years, as a Chef,  and was paid a great salary. This was a boon as the unemployment rate in Bondalem is 80%.

However, when his own first born boy kept calling him UNCLE and didn’t relate to him as his Dad, Komang Adi changed his priorities and choose to say in the rural area of Bondalem, and wanted to try to find work here.  His boy was 7 years old now.

His impetus was a special ceremony, which all Balinese children receive. At the age of 3 month, his new born second boy received the famous 3- months ceremony, an important milestone is the stage of being on planet Earth. This second boy is now in 2013 age  5 yrs.

His fist born boy PUTU RYAN ADI PUTRA is now 11 years old. He loves sports and drawing. Currently his favorite object are the Ogo Ogo, which are the scary creatures that are crafted into over life size puppets and are paraded on the evening before the  famous new years day of Bali, called the NYEPEI DAY.

At home with him are is mother, his two children, his wife and as many Balinese he still has the responsibility for his siblings, who are still unmarried: one older and one younger sister.

Also Komang Adi  supports a nephew, age 11,  whose Dad already died when this boy was a baby. Komang Adi  is helping his nephew now go to school as well. This boys’  mother had already left her husband before his death. So in fact now that boy, his nephew by the name of  GEDE BAGI ARSE, is part of Komang’s Adi family and is under his care.

He is all to happy to be supported in is attempt to support so many others!

Caroline Elsaesser