Bali in 1940, before the Japanese occupation


SPONSOR Lucienne Suijker for EDY

20121121_193734 (1)Robert and Marion Monden, who have already sponsored many children in Bali themselves,  had realized that many a times a Balinese person will not even mention when they are in need, feeling that it is best that they solve all their issues with their own might.

Beautiful as that is, the standard of living and the income in Bali is rarely high enough to take care of the many needs. Often one family member will take on whatever extra burden he can for the rest of the family just because that is how it is done in Bali.

In the case of Edy, who has adopted his Nephew because his own brother’s marriage failed and the sister in law had left back home leaving her children in the care of the father. However, the father, Edy’s brother was in no way capable of taking care of his children alone. He had no job, no income, and was in many ways not a socially capable man.

Edy and his wife Harmony stepped in and took on one of the children as his own, despite the fact that this child was suffering from epilepsy.

And when Robert found out abut the fate of that child and Edy’s kind offer to raise this child as his own, Robert and Marion found a sponsor among their circle of friends in Holland.

Lucienne Suijker from the Netherlands has become  the very kind  sponsor of Ngurah Putu Doni Dio Jaya Dinatha, the young child in the photo of Edy, Harmony and their children.

! Her contribution truly will help Edy and Harmony make this child’s life worth while living.

A thousand years in BALI

J. Stephen Lansing: A Thousand Years in Bali


A great film on Bali, ecology & time

Sponsors WILMA and JAN Guldenaar for KOMANG ARPENI and PUTU YUNITA

WILMAWilma and her husband Jan came originally to Shambala to attend a seminar and to help assist in teaching a group. Then they came back at a later time again to Bali and to Shambala and decided to support and sponsor a family here in Bondalem.

The wife is working but the husband again, as many works only when work is available. Currently her husband is studying with a temple carver, in order to uphold an old tradition.

Wilma, as we were able to see first hand, have been helping many people heal, and she has selflessly given time to others to recuperate, to believe in themselves!

Komang’s daughter, PUTU YUNITA live with her husband live in a small wooden structure on their own. The girl is being watched by the grandmother, the mom of the father, as is customary. She is just going to school now. As is customary, mostly only the boys really get the financial support to attend higher school. We hope that through the sponsors the girls now too will get a chance at higher education! THANK YOU WILMA and JAN!KomangARPENI


Sponsors Edwin van Ooyen and Robert Monden of Kadek Lastu’s two boys


The older boy Gede Johana Agas Sanjaya is being sponsored by Robert Monden


The younger boy Kadek Radana Ade Sanjay is being sponsored by Edwin Ooyen

For a long time the mother was the bread winner in the family, being a massage therapist at Shambala. Her husband took work whenever he could find some, as a driver of a truck often times delivering fruit and driving at night so he could help take care of the children during the day. Keep reading »

Sponsors Robert & Marion Monden with Made Arsa and family


Komang Diah Pradnyani Dewi (girl)  & Ngurah Putu Wikan Adi (boy)

I asked Made to write about his children, to introduce them to his sponsors, and here are his words:

Nurah Putu Wikan Adi,  is my first boy, he currently goes to the second class of junior high school. He was born on 13th of November 1998 and is 14 years old on the the photograph.
I was very very happy that  Mr Robert &  Marion Monden want to be his  sponsor and  support him  to go to  school, as it is a financial burden for myself. I support my larger family, because we live together in one compound. I have sisters, and uncles who live with me and I help all of them. We always help one another in Bali. If one person in the family has a job he helps everyone. We have 80% unemployment in my village of Bondalem. Keep reading »

Sponsors Lugt & van Hagen sponsors of Putu Mawar’s (Rose) two boys


Sponsors Carolien Lugt sponsoring the girl of Putu Mawar by the name of Putu Wahyu Mahendra

And sponsor  Irene van Hagen sponsoring the boy by the name of Kadek Yudia Wirautama

Mawar is an amazing women. No matter how hard her life’s lessons, she will love, laugh and smile and be grateful. She takes her life with deep responsibility, never trying to get something for free, but rather giving instead. She knows deeply inside that the magical ingredient is gratitude. Keep reading »



It all started like this:

Our Manager MADE ARSA when still very young, had to work and stop going to school because his Dad didn’t have the funds to keep him in school.

One day, whilst working in a yard, a Dutch couple saw the young boy and asked him his age. Shocked that this young boy was deprived of a decent school education, being condemned to a life in poverty, and underpaying jobs due to lack of schooling, they took MADE under the WINGS. Keep reading »

How to to use coconut as a home remedy


(NaturalNews) Coconuts are a versatile super-food providing nutrition, health benefits, and amazing medicinal properties all wrapped in one delicious package. Coconuts are totally natural, easily available and affordable; and every part of the fruit is useful.

Green coconut water uses:

–Natural, healthy source for hydration, energy and endurance, making it the perfect sports drink.
–Restores electrolytes after exercise, vomiting, diarrhea.
–Antiseptic properties provide antibacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal agents to purify blood — killing measles, herpes, influenza, AIDS, SARS, hepatitis C…
–Useful for emergency transfusions due to being close in composition to human plasma.
–Used to prevent vomiting, nausea and replace lost fluids in cases of malaria, typhoid, influenza…
–Dissolves kidney stones alkalizing urine pH.
–Used as a natural cleanse, coconut water mixed with olive oil eliminates intestinal parasites.

ACTION ALERT: Help the Suffering Dolphins in Indonesia


March 11, 2012 by Ric O’Barry, Earth Island Institute

By Ric O’Barry
Dolphin Project
Earth Island Institute

As unbelievable as it sounds, there are still dolphins being used in traveling circuses in Indonesia.  Our rehabilitation facility, built by my son Lincoln O’Barry and I and designed to release these suffering animals back to their ocean home, stands empty to this day. We need your help to put a permanent stop to this abhorrent practice!

..Traveling circus animals are among the worst treated on the face of the planet, which is what led China and other nations to recently ban the practice. Dolphins in traveling circuses suffer worse abuses than the rest, as you can see from this shocking video shot by my son Lincoln….

SIGN this PETITION: click here

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