Experimental balancing using the SE-5

Institute of Resonance Therapy

March 26, 1989 Before balancing with the SE-5(See Chapter 6)

April 4, 1991After balancing with the SE-5

Selecting herbs for use in the

Sembella-Mattress using the SE-5

MBlood tests before and after sleeping on the Sembella-Mattress
(See Chapter 26)

Red line is after sleeping on a normal mattress Green line is on the Sembella-Mattress

The top row of seeds was planted and given normal care. The bottom row was sent IDFs
(informational fields) and given normal care.
(See Chapter 6)

Juices on left were potentized using the SE-5 with IDFs to inhibit mold growth. The juices on the right were left in their natural state. All samples were then put on a heater for two weeks. The potentized samples showed much less mold growth.
(See Chapter 27)