Biofields: Biofield theory, Radionic Theory, Subtle Energy Research

The biofield has been described as a complex multi-structured system with the physical body representing the lowest aspect in the levels of control. Our physical body is a dense mirror reflection of the biofield.

The biofield serves as a communications device, a receiving and transmission system for converting coded information signals of energy into thought, emotion and behavior patterns as well as the life forming and healing powers of the physical body. The biofield also governs ionization or processing of nutrients into physical energy where opposite polarities attract and is a transducer of subtle cosmic and nuclear high frequency energies where opposite polarities repel and like attracts like.

The concept of everything being an information field or biofield now occupies the most advanced thinking in our scientific community. As scientists unveil the layers of energy of the human being, we are beginning to reformulate the definition of ourselves as energy receivers and transmitters.

This new definition includes the existence of other bodies or dimensions besides the physical. The biofield appears to contain 1) a spiritual body manifesting as awareness, consciousness, intent or will; 2) a mental body composed of attitudes, beliefs, ideas, abstract and concrete thoughts and a recording of all our experiences; 3) an emotional body composed of feelings, sensation and desires; 4) an etheric body or an energetic pattern of the physical which contains the pattern template for the structure and function of the physical body and the IDF circuits as the meridians and energy centers such as the chakras; 5) a physical body (the result of all the bodies) composed of chemicals and tissue; 6) a multi-dimensional system of energy communication and transmission between the various bodies called chakras or energy centers corresponding to the endocrine glands and neural plexus. Every physical part, function and imbalance has it's counterpart which is built from etheric, emotional and mental energies. The concept of these subtle bodies may seem to be metaphysical but only because most of our awareness in western cultures is focused on the physical.

All of these bodies can be seen as vibrations or auras existing at different energies. Thought forms, habits, beliefs, values, emotional qualities are all frequency patterns of energy. We tune into our mind energy by thinking, our emotional energy by feeling and physical energy through the sensory and motor responses of the nervous system.

The biofield model is being conceptualized as an informational field expressing itself as individual and collective mind existing in a state of subtle electromagnetic and gravitational wave patterns. Scientists are now advancing the proposal that these subatomic subtle electromagnetic and gravitational-like fields form a holographic representation which may not only serve as the control mechanism for matter, but may very well be how consciousness or mind expresses itself into matter.

This energy information may be how our thoughts, emotions and bodies are created. Subatomic particle waves manifesting as light and sound are being considered the connecting link between consciousness, energy and matter.

Light and sound provide a means for continuity of process between matter and mind. The cause of all things may be in the subatomic field in which the mind, through vibrations of light and sound, plays a creative role, much like a movie (mind) projects its images of light and sound onto the screen (called matter). Matter is more accurately perceived as frozen light and sound.

The biofield is a vibrational force which surrounds and inter- penetrates all matter. It appears to organize free energy at specific frequencies which in turn manifest and give shape and dimension to physical form. Simple energies form a basic yet different element, each of which are defined in Chemistry's Periodic Table of The Elements. Matter is simply an organized pattern of vibrations...trapped energy as it were.

The biofield patterns of energy are first evident as subtle electromagnetic fields at the subatomic level. As the field density increases, or crystallizes, an electrical potential or charge is created at a specific level. The electrical charges manifest as the various elements and provides the chemical bonding for the states of matter such as gases, liquids and solids. The character of energy is first electromagnetic before it becomes molecular. As such the biofield also appears to govern the regulation of chemical processes from the simple cell up through the human being.

As a result of this flow of energy from the most subtle to the most dense, disorders and degeneration in matter appear to result initially from imbalances in the subtle energies or biofields. Conversely balanced biofields appear to supply energy to maintain a healthy state of matter.


With recent advances in physics and computer technology researchers are now able to measure and influence the subtle energies surrounding the body and objects in the environment. Instruments have been developed to expand and amplify our senses to form a communication link with the subtle biofield energies. Instruments can now detect the informational contents of the biofield to locate imbalances or interferences in the flow of energy and to change or modify the energetic qualities of life. At the forefront in IDF research instrumentation is the SE-5 1000 Intrinsic Data Field Analyzer developed by physicist Dr. Willard Frank. This device combines the best features of previous instrumentation, is computerized for rapid processing of information and is compatible with most personal computers for increased memory capability.

The SE-5 1000 INTRINSIC DATA FIELD ANALYZER, popularly known as the SE-5, is a solid state electronic instrument designed to detect, quantify and transmit a full spectrum of IDF signals to restore normal wave form patterns or functions of the biofield.

Designed as a Spectrometer to analyze the energies emitted by mineral samples, the SE-5's use as an experimental research device has increased dramatically with the discovery of subtle information fields surrounding living systems.

The SE-5 1000 has as its mechanism of operation the fundamental principles of energy fields. More specifically stated, the instrument 1) measures IDF radiation of an object and 2) transmits IDF wave patterns to the object.

The SE-5 1000, therefore, does not operate directly on the physical level but functions as a receiver, transmitter and modulator of wave form information found in the subatomic or subtle magnetic and gravitational energy fields which precede the manifestation of matter in its elemental and molecular form.

se5All matter, through radiation, emits energy and absorbs energy at predictable levels. The SE-5 1000 as a research device can be used to analyze and communicate with the subtle informational content of matter. The instrument assists the operator in establishing, through electronic means, a conscious link with subtle body/mind energies.

The laws and principles of energy instrumentation are therefore not that of Newtonian physics but are grounded in concepts of advanced quantum mechanics, resonance, harmony, reinforcement, interference, balance and imbalance. Any organism is strengthened and weakened based on its relationship to these terms.

IDF research with the SE-5 1000 is thus an attempt to analyze energy fields and IDFs, to 1) determine resonance or dissonance (imbalances) at specific levels, 2) neutralize imbalance and support weak fields, and to 3) balance the levels of natural energies. This is achieved by tuning into a specific energy level to communicate like a two way radio. A biofield instrument assists in measuring IDFs which contain information about the contents of that field. Balancing experiments send corrective information back to the energy field under study, suggesting that a subtle information balancing action take place.

Just how these IDFs interface or represent, like a blueprint, the structure and function of matter and how the instrumentation can be used to analyze and influence these IDFs is now discussed.


Scientifically we know that all substance has its form by virtue of its molecular arrangement. Investigation has demonstrated that the molecule is the basic mass-form upon which all substance having shape is built. To be sure, scientists have electrically broken down the molecule into the smaller particles of chemical elements, ions and atoms, but these are not mass- forms. Hence the molecule is the accepted mass-structure unit for matter.

Electrophysiological studies have established conclusively that the electrical potentials found in the human body are directly related to electrical patterns; this pattern dictates the nature of the organism. The pattern is a dynamic process, not static, which allows the organism to grow, mature, regenerate and evolve.

The organism builds new cells but they are always organized according to the original electrical pattern, e.g., an acorn becomes an oak tree not a cabbage. The patterning is determined in the subatomic field of frequency vibration which play themselves out on the pre-physical level in the DNA of the cell. The pattern is recreated in the newly emerging cells.

Mention should here be made of how Yale University research workers Burr and Northrop succeeded in establishing conclusive evidence - after probing with a sensitive voltmeter the subtle electrical variations which accompany all process of growth - that the electrical potential found in the human body is directly related to an electrical pattern.

The Burr and Northrop studies established conclusively that the electrical potential found in the human body is directly related to an electrical pattern; this pattern dictates the nature of the organism, but it is not an inflexible form; rather it is a patterning principle in the sense that it evolves and changes. As the patterning evolves, so the organism evolves, assumes form, grows, matures, remains constant; then the organism builds new cells, but always organizes them after the original design. The organism is recreated, but always with the pattern dictated. The patterning here is a dynamic process, not a static entity. The patterning has an implicit form that it communicates to the organism. The patterning is determined in the subatomic field and given the same environment, it evolves with fidelity; electrical vibration here is a force. This force works to incarnate the patterning in the emerging cellular entity: to form the lion, the rose, the man, the diamond, the drop of oil, illness, health. It is the pulsating rhythm of form and pattern that is termed life. It is potential, patterning, and form that reflect the three principles of structural integrity, organism- rejuvenation and regeneration.

The shape or form of a substance is directly dependent upon the arrangement and variation of the millions of molecules which compose it. Thus the substance of wood differs from that of cloth; earth from water; flesh from metal; one wood from another; one metal from another; one tissue from another. Every recognizable form assumes that form because of the molecules of which it is composed. It has a definite arrangement peculiar to itself, and differing from all others.

For instance, the chemical molecules in the air become a form of substance which we recognize as rain; with a different molecular arrangement of those same chemicals we have, instead, snow; still another, and we have sleet; another and we have hail; yet another and we have steam or mist. But the chemical content has remained identical throughout. Thus, when we note differences in mass- substances we are virtually recognizing them by their variations in molecular arrangement. When we look into a microscope and say, "This is kidney tissue, this is liver" etc., we are identifying them not only by their form and their structural tissue but also by their molecular variations.

In addition, we know that these molecules are in constant motion, adhering together by force fields which animate the substance and which, when no longer present, allows it to disintegrate through a molecular separation and alteration in the mass-form. Some call this death, or say the mind or soul has moved on. Science defines energy as motion, and energy in the form of the motion of molecules and their arrangement is different as the form varies. For instance, the energy emanating from the activity of liver tissue would be different from that of the kidney, thyroid, stomach, pancreas, pituitary, or any other tissue of the body. When we recognize one form as varying from others we are likewise recognizing it by its difference in energy production.

Life is a manifestation of a ceaseless exchange between various degrees of matter. The character of the energy implanted in the body during that activity is, above all, electronic energy before it is ionic and before it becomes molecular, for it proceeds from the sphere of vibration. We only perceive the secondary physical effects, those which manifest on the plane of matter and which are recognized as molecular activity.

The purely physical approach is the basis of biochemistry. The emphasis is on molecular activity as though it were the only reality. Our orthodox scientists either forget or are unaware that molecular activity relates only to a final group and not to the fundamental impulses which cause or stimulate these molecules into activity.