The Ultimate SE-5 1000 Workstation


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The Balancing Only Instrument was born out of the need of many practitioners to improve efficiency and cut down on the workload. In the past, many people would purchase several SE-5 units to keep up with their friends, family and clients. For example, the late Dr. Frank Wyatt had 19 SE-5s and the late Dr. Marion Adinolfi (Nobel Laureate) had more than 20 SE-5s.

These two great practitioners are sorely missed and part of my goal is to see many more people being able to expand their outreach.

Having 20 SE-5s is a bit extreme for most people and after talking to many people in the field, I have come to the conclusion that for most situations the perfect workstation would consist of one SE-5 1000 and five Balancing Only Instruments. This would be the basic Work Station for most situations.

For those of you just starting out, it will probably be more than you need at first but as your skill grows and your client base expands, you will probably find yourself in the situation of needing more instruments. The Balancing Only Instrument is the perfect way to expand your capabilities without ruining your pocket book.

Even though the SE-5 1000 has Multiple Balancing capabilities for balancing one client after another, often times with a large Session, it can take many hours to balance just one client. For example if you do 6 analysis' in the day time and set up your SE-5 1000 with all 6 clients to balance overnight, one client might take 6-8 hours if it is a large Session. So by the time you get up in the morning, perhaps it is still only balancing the second client. This prevents you from starting any new analysis.

The Work Station will change all of that! After you finish your first analysis, you can unplug your SE-5 1000 and plug in your BOI and begin balancing right away while you move your SE-5 1000 to a new computer and begin a new analysis.

Many people have been asking me over the last few years if there might be a way that I could come up with a more cost effective way to work on more clients simultaneously.

Many people have kept adding instruments to keep up with the work load, but I realize how expensive that is. If you have a thriving practice then it is feasible to have 15 or 20 SE-5s (some people even have more than that) but it is not practical for most people.

So for the last 9 months I have been working on a solution and it is finally ready. It is called the Balancing Only Instrument or BOI for short. The BOI is a combination of a sweep generator that was developed by the inventor of the SE-5 (from the Chi-O) combined with the Scalar Amplifiers of the SE-5 1000.


SE-5 1000 Workstation

After I developed the Remote Balancer, I got the idea that we could combine that with our SE-5 1000 software and make it work more efficiently. So I created a way to interface the SE-5 1000 software with the Remote Balancer and that is how the BOI was born. (We are hoping for a GRL next time around
So here is basically how it will work. You can connect your SE-5 1000 to your laptop and do several Sessions. Then you can disconnect the SE-5 1000 and connect the BOI to that computer and begin the Balancing (you can still do multi-balancing of several Sessions). Then you can move your SE-5 1000 to another laptop and begin some more analysis Sessions.  (Of course you can use the SE-5 1000 for balancing with one of the computers).

This way you can expand your efficiency many fold for a modest investment.

The BOI is limited in its functions. It can do Potentizing, but does not have an output cable. It can do Balancing, but does not work for analysis. Stand Alone Mode is only available with the use or programmed Hologram cards (you cannot store Sessions inside the unit but you can program a hologram card with a Session)

Many of the functions of the SE-5 1000 Software are disabled when connected to the BOI. It is primarily just the Balancing options that are functional once connected to the BOI.

This unit is ONLY offered for sale to SE-5 1000 owners. I will not be selling this to Non SE-5 1000 users.

As you can imagine I am super excited about this since it has taken about 9 months to bring it into reality.


The price is $1495 for each BOI unit including a laptop computer.

Lutie Larsen of Little Farm Research has been doing testing on the Chi-O Remote Balancer (the same unit before it had the software interface) on plants. Here is what she said (also see the pictures)

"The Chi-O pulse is amazing and certainly is a great boon to the field.

There have been many "background broadcasters" over the years, the Cosmic Pipe, the Towers and Towers of Power and Flowers, the Field broadcasters. And they have been getting fancier and more complex as the years pass.

The thing about a background broadcast is that it does not have to be complex. Actually a simpler wave with appropriate harmonics and a steady carrier wave is a great way to deliver informational frequencies. And this is the point we want to carry supportive frequencies to the life form in a way that they are readily acceptable and useable.

The Chi-O is doing that, quietly, constantly, and with great steadiness.

Here are some pictures. I do have more....

Spring pea seed exposed to Chi-Organizer and balanced with the LFR seed balancing program. April 2013

 Soaked this root ball in Chi-O imprinted water
Balanced the plants with the transplant program on card in Remote Chi-O


I have never grown such early and HUGE Early Girl Tomatoes


> Tomato plants are huge now

Chicken Project 2013
Soaking grain in Chi-O imprinted water for chickens


Look at the size of the eggs!