Regaining Wholeness Through the Subtle Dimensions

The best information about the SE-5 (most complete) is in the book Regaining Wholeness Through th e Subtle Dimensions by Don Paris.

Regaining Wholeness Through the Subtle Dimensions $15.95

The SE-5 2000

SE-5 1000 with Radionic Computer

SE-5 2000 Gold
For Pricing and purchase, please Email: or call us at 9-4 Pacific Time. 1-360-387-5713

It is best to have a dedicated laptop just for your SE-5 2000.




Features of the SE-5 2000:

SE-5 1000 Gold

Digital Photo interface

Electro Luminescent Output cable

InfraRed scanner and acupuncture point stimulator.
USB integrated functionality
(controls PC software from the SE-5)
Onboard storage programs (256)
Automatic Potentizer
Multi language support
(English, Spanish, French, German and Portuguese)

SE-5 2000

What you will recieve when you order your SE-5 2000:

The SE-5 2000 comes with SE-5 2000 IDF Software for your PC.

The SE-5 2000 has about 50 internal programs already loaded into the internal memory and has extra memory for an addtional 200 programs (depending on their size).

The SE-5 2000 is an experimental research instrument and no claims can be made to its effectiveness.

The SE-5 comes with a book of 14,000 Tunings (on USB Stick). (The software for PC has about 17,000 Tunings in it.)

The purchase of the SE-5 2000 comes with 2 hours of personal training (Skype or Phone) .

Warranty is 1 year, parts and labor. The cost of shipping is about $65-85 in the U.S. and $90-350 outside the U.S. Shipping will be billed seperately depending on your location.

You might want to check with your local authorities about the cost of import duties and taxes. Some countries have very high import duties on items purchase from the USA.

SE-5 2000 Package










The SE-5 2000 package comes with the following:

  • SE-5 2000 instrument
  • Precisison Stick Detector
  • IDF Software
  • 50 Internal Programs including the following:
  • Affirmations Program
  • Mineral Program
  • Subtle Balance Program (chakras, aura, tissue salts etc.)
  • Agriculture Program
  • Organ IDF Balance Program
  • Pathogen IDF Balance Program
  • Many More Programs....
  • Up to 250 Custom Programs (that you design yourself)
  • Carrying case
  • Digital Camera/Printer combo
  • Infra Red Input Probe
  • Electro Luminescent Output Cable
  • Input Plate
  • A/C Power adapter (USA or International version)
  • Training manual (on CDROM)
  • Training DVD
  • Book of Tunings (aprx. 14,000 Tunings) (On USB Stick)
  • Instruction book

Also included: 2 hours of telephone time for personal training.

SE-5 2000 and Accessories

For Pricing and purchase, please
Email: or Call us at 9-4 Pacific Time: 1-360-387-5713

The Advanced Training Course
I also recommend the Advanced Training Course

For more information about the Advanced Training Course please click here.



ADD ON Programs for the SE-5 2000 and IDF Software

Another great feature of the PC program is the ability to load in programs written by professional SE-5 users.

For example, here is a list of 57 different programs that can be loaded into the IDF Software. The cost for ALL 57 programs is $150.00

57 Add On Programs for the SE-5 2000 $150.00 Add on programs for the SE-5 1000 Radionik 


Add On Programs

  • Balance Pain IDFs
  • Balance Oxygen IDFs
  • Parasite IDF Balance
  • Balance Ileum IDFs Balance
  • P.M.S. IDFs Balance
  • Polarity IDFs Balance
  • Balance Depression IDFs 1
  • Balance Depression IDFs 2
  • Drug Abuse IDF Balance
  • Flu IFD Balance
  • Prana IDF Balance
  • Airport Radiation IDF Bal.
  • Radiation IDF Balance
  • Sexual Energy IDF Balance
  • Sinus IDF Balance
  • Toxicity IDF Balance
  • Fatigue IDF Balance
  • Vitality IDF Balance
  • Balance Skin IDFs
  • Balance Garden Pest IDFs
  • Headache IDF Balance 1
  • Balance Headache IDFs 2
  • Balance Insect IDFs
  • Nervous System IDFs Balance
  • Stress IDFs
  • Substance Abuse IDFs Bal.
  • Tobacco Abuse IDF Balance
  • Balance Vaccination IDFs
  • Vitamin/Min. IDF Balance
  • Balance Moles IDFs
  • Adrenal IDFs
  • Alcoholism IDFs
  • Allergy IDF Balancing
  • Spine IDF Balancing
  • Candida IDF Balance
  • Align Chakra IDFs
  • Cholesterol IDF Balance
  • Cold Symptom IDF
  • Food/Water Toxin IDFs
  • Operator Clear IDFs
  • Dental IDF Balance
  • Ecstasy IDF Electromag.
  • Stress IDF Emotional
  • Stress IDF Eye IDF
  • Balancing Weight IDF
  • Balance Food Allergy IDFs
  • Gall Bladder IDF Balance
  • Grey Hair IDF Balance
  • Jet Lag IDF Balance
  • Colon IDF Balance
  • Kidney IDF Balance
  • Longevity IDF Balance
  • Liver IDF Balance
  • Restore Manual IDFs
  • Balance Meridians IDFs
  • Neg. Energies IDF Clearing



Color Light Harmonizer

Color Light Harmonizer


The Color Light Harmonizer is an extra that allows you to combine Color Therapy with the SE-5 2000. This upgrade also includes a 380 nanometer probe for experimenting with Dr. Popp's work.


Color Light Harmonizer




We also still have software for the SE-5 and SE-5 plus: