Chapter Two

Analyzing Subtle Fields

By now it had become clear that this was a crash course in the use of the SE-5 1000. As I returned to school that evening, he continued, becoming more excited as he talked.

“O.K. Lets get down to using this amazing tool,” our techno-guru continued. “I will try to answer the most common questions, however feel free to stop me any where along the way, and I will answer any specific questions you might have,” he said.

As he sat down with the instrument, I noticed that he handled it with care, almost as if it were a musical instrument that had become dear. I commented on this and he replied, “In some ways I must admit that this is true. It’s not that the instrument is so fragile, but I treat it with the care of any fine instrument.

“I am very careful to first ground myself on something metal (other that the SE-5 1000) and then place my hand on the On/Off switch (#1) to turn it on. The reason for grounding myself first is that computers can be sensitive to static electricity and can be damaged by a zap of static from walking on synthetic carpets or wearing polyester clothing, etc. When the instrument is first switched on, the SE-5 1000 automatically goes through what we call a ‘Clearing Cycle’ in order to ‘Clear’ any information or vibrations that may be lingering in the Cell,” he said. (#6)

He turned on the SE-5 1000 first and then switched on the PSI hand-held computer. Then he asked, “Would someone like to have an analysis done or would you rather I do an analysis on myself?” As a ripple of excitement went through the crowd, we all looked at each other in a polite unspoken way and it was silently agreed that an older gentleman would like to volunteer. “What is your name sir?” he asked as our volunteer stepped up to the front of the crowd.

“John,” the gentleman replied.

“Wonderful to have you with us John, my name is Alpha X, but you can call me Al.”

He clipped a small piece of hair from the nape of John’s neck and slipped it into a small glassine envelope that he took out of his case for the SE-5 1000.

Al explained “I will use hair for this demonstration, but for someone that I plan to experiment with repeatedly I would use the Polaroid camera that comes with the SE-5 1000.”

I noticed John’s eyebrows rise slightly when he mentioned using a photograph. Al must have picked up on it as well because he said, “I’ll explain the reasoning behind the photo and hair. The hair is quite simple. All of the cells of our body are in instant communication with all of the cells of the rest of our body. They show us very convincingly in the book “The Secret Life of Your Cells” (Donning) by Robert Stoney. This is based on some experiments by Cleave Backster. Cleave is famous for his work in law enforcement by using the Polygraph as a lie detector. The EEG (Electro-Encephalograph) is the basis for the polygraph and is most well known for measuring brainwaves during Bio-Feedback. One experiment that Cleave did was to take some saliva from a man’s mouth and connect it to an EEG.”

Al picked up his remote control again and began a holographic video of some work that Cleave had done. It began with Cleave hooking up some cells that he took from the man’s mouth to an EEG and took a reading. Cleave then sent the man into the next room where they had a hidden camera videotaping him. Meanwhile they used another camera and started videotaping the readout from the EEG at the same time.

The man sits down and then notices that there is a Playboy magazine lying on the table, and after some yes, then no, then yes, movements he finally decides to pick up the magazine and start leafing through it. During this decision making process we noticed some fluctuations in the needle of the EEG, but nothing like when he got to the pictures of Bo Derek. The needle went flying back and forth vigorously before settling back down once he was past the pictures. These cells were reacting from many yards away!

To prove the point even further they then used a woman’s saliva, and this time sent her about five miles away into a red-light district. Every time she was accosted by one of the pimps or hookers, the needles of the EEG, five miles away, went right off of the scale!

Al continued, “This shows us that our cells are still able to receive messages, even when they are not physically connected to our body. Now with the SE-5 1000, we are not actually reading the hair. This is in no way related to hair analysis. What the hair is doing is acting as a tuning device to tune the instrument to your subtle fields. If you remember, the old style TV channel changers had a knob that went around in a circle, not the remote kind in use today. Inside of the TV behind the knob were a series of crystals, each one tuned to a different station. In most cities there is usually one hill where several of the TV and radio stations have their antennas.

“Even though they are all putting out signals simultaneously, the reason that we can pick up one and not the others, is because each crystal is cut to resonate or pick up a different station on a different frequency. This is modified sometimes by using other electronic devices like tunable coils and capacitors, but this gives you an example. In fact a crystal radio is hardly more than a wire or what they called a cat’s whisker, which is really a thin piece of beryllium/copper wire, connected to the crystal and an earphone!

“Now doesn’t that sound scientific? A cat’s whisker and a crystal. It sounds like the stories I heard as a child about the gnomes and fairies talking to each other by way of flower telephones,” Al laughed.

“Anyway,” he continued, “when we put the hair or dried blood or photo into the Cell, (#6) it tunes the SE-5 1000 to your ‘broadcast’ so to speak. It makes sense, then, how hair or blood could do that, as they are made up of crystal structures, but why a photograph? In the photographic film emulsion, there are silver halide crystals that are, in essence, cut when you take a photograph. When light interacts with the film, after bouncing off of you, it forms a geometric pattern that not only looks like you, but in essence is you. At least it is a small part of you.

“This is the reason that Native Americans do not want to have their picture taken, as they feel it steals away a part of their spirit. By using the Polaroid camera that comes with the SE-5 1000, we get a very strong resonating sample of your subtle field. This is because the film emulsion is still inside the photograph as it develops. Other photos will work, but this is the best. Simple, right?” he asked. “Of course knowing this does not make any difference how the instrument works, but I wanted to make this clear. Onward. So we now have the instrument On and the hair sample is in the Cell. I will now explain how we take a reading or measurement. This is the basis for everything we do, so pay close attention.

“First we need to have something to measure, so I‘ll type into the computer window ‘9-49 GENERAL VITALITY’. The numbers 9-49 are a numerical representation of this particular tuning, General Vitality.

“In some systems, a 1000 sign is used in front of the numbers to denote when they are positive Tunings, meaning they should read high. (Toward 100% in these systems.) If there is not a + sign in front of the Tuning number, then it means that it is a non-positive Tuning and should read low or toward 0 when it is at its optimum..

“For example if you have Tuning number for something like 18.5-62 Pain, ideally you would like it to read 0%. A good rule of thumb is this; if the Tuning is something that you would like to have more of, green grass, more love, better apple pie, etc., measure it from 100%. Likewise, if it is something that you want to have less of, bugs in your garden, flies in your soup, then measure from 0%.

“The Tunings, (for example 9-49) have been developed over the last 50 to 75 years mostly empirically, which is the fancy name for ‘by trial and error’. The SE-5 1000 can also be used with word Tunings, which means typing in only the words without the numbers. In our analysis, we will sometimes use the name with numbers and sometimes without. Normally the first thing we would check are some preliminary readings for interference etc., but I don’t want to get the horse before the carriage so we will discuss this in a moment,” Al explained.

“With the numbers 9-49 and the words General Vitality in the computer, I then place my left hand on the Amplitude Knob (#7) and my right hand on the Stick Plate (#8) (see Appendix C). While rubbing my hand on the Stick Plate, I begin to turn the Amplitude Knob from 100 slowly downward,” Al said while he worked.

The numbers in the window of the Amplitude Readout (#5) slowly began to decrease. 99, 98, 97, etc., and when the amplitude got to 79.4 Al’s right hand suddenly stuck to the plate.

Al said to John, “See, I literally cannot slide my fingers over the plate any more. The reason for this is that underneath the Stick Plate are geometrical antennas that are sending out the informational resonance of your vitality IDF, in this case, and when we got to the proper reading, the resonance peak, my fingers responded with a feeling of stickiness.

“In other words, there is a force that develops between the molecular composition of the Plate and the molecular composition of the fingers, and produces a different kind of feeling. For some people it feels like first rubbing velvet, and then concrete. There is also a neuromuscular response that causes the muscles to tighten up to cause the stick.”

Someone asked, “Is this similar to dowsing?”

“Yes,” Al answered. “It is the same principle, but with the SE-5 1000 you do not have to be a proficient dowser to make it work. Because of the development of electronics, almost any one can do this within the first ten minutes of practice. It is kind of like someone sitting in a park playing a guitar. Unless you’re quite close it would be difficult to hear the music clearly, especially if it is Sunday and the people are making a lot of noise. Dowsing is kind of like sitting right next to the guitar player.

With the SE-5 1000, it’s like bringing in a PA system and putting a microphone next to the guitar. Now you can make the music as loud or soft as you want. Better yet you could bring in a transmitter that is connected to a satellite and hear this person anywhere in the world, as loud or soft as you want. With the SE-5 1000, we can tune into any resonating information field such as a plant, animal, etc., anywhere in the world. This is not done through satellites but rather a different type of transmitting and receiving. I’ll talk more about that later. So, we now know that your vitality IDF is 79.4%,” Al said.

“Is that good?” John asked.

Al answered, “Depending on your age and other factors like where you live, in the city or country, I would say that is quite good. Perhaps even a little above normal. With the system I use, the optimum would be 100%. Some operators use different systems.

“Let’s recap for a moment. We have turned on the SE-5 1000, waited for the clearing cycle to let the Cell clear of any left over IDFs, then took a hair sample and put it in the Cell. We then typed in, 9-49 General Vitality, into the computer and took a reading of 79.4%. We could try to balance the IDF, 9-49, but I will choose not to at this time. I can use this as a marker in the future to see if the balancing we do on other IDFs brings up the 9-49 measurement.” Al said.

“If this were a piece of fruit I would go ahead and balance it. To do that, I would simply turn the Amplitude Knob up to 100% and switch the Measure/Balance switch (#4) into the Balance position and wait for about 30 seconds. After switching back to Measure, I would re-measure the 9-49 the same way we did before and see how much it came up. If it came up only to 90% or so, I would switch to Balance again for another 30 seconds, and test again. By this time it will usually come up to 100%. But since we are experimenting on your IDFs in our example, let’s just write this down for future reference,” Al paused and had me write down, General Vitality...79%.

He continued, “This is the process of measuring that we normally use, no matter what information we are tuning into. That is why I showed you this procedure first. What we would really do is check some preliminary readings first, to see if there are any interfering signals, and to make sure that it is appropriate to take a reading and/or balance at this time.

“We find that appropriateness is one of the key elements of a great practitioner. By always testing for this we are assured of getting accurate readings and effective subtle field balancing.” The preliminary readings are as follows:

99996900 Blockages (Read Low, 0%)

87221119 Interference A (Read Low, 0%)

7120119 Interference B ”

5043119 Interference C ”

3021119 Interference D ”

(There are others that you might like to include as well. For an expanded version see the Intake Clearances section in Appendix B.)

To continue our session, he said he completed the preliminary readings, and everything checked out well. “We can now begin the session and when we are finished we will go back and check the General Vitality IDF again to see how much it improved.

“Next we will check the overall Biofield system to see whether or not we need to look more deeply into this area. The idea of the Biofield comes mostly from the Chinese system of medicine. Acupuncture and Acupressure are two aspects of the Chinese system,” he said. Then he turned on another chart for us. It said,

The Complete Biofield System:

Polarities: Polarities are the balance between positive and negative energies in your subtle energy field.

Subtle Bodies: This includes your emotional body, etheric body, mental and causal bodies and your spiritual body.

Chakras: Your Chakras are energy centers in the body that transduce energy from the cosmic or spiritual levels into physical energy.

Directional Energies: We also have energies that run vertically, horizontally and in spirals.

Meridians: These are the pathways upon which the Acupuncture points are found.

Elements: Again from the Chinese, Earth, Air, Fire, Water energies are present in our bodies and need to be in balance for everything to work properly.

Al explained, “In the PSI computer on the SE-5 1000 are many programs. We will be using a program written by Human Services Development Center called General Analysis. It is found by pressing the Menu/Next function key on the PSI computer and scrolling through the Menu to item #11. We can take a measurement with the words Biofield System, which include the list above.

“Now we take a reading just like we did before. With ‘Biofield Systems’ now showing on the screen, I again place my left hand on the Amplitude Knob and my right hand over the Stick Plate and begin stroking the plate. Again I begin at 100% and start turning the knob to the left in a counter clockwise direction. This time I got a ‘stick’ at 68%,” Al continued. “This means, to me, that something in the Biofield System is not balanced. If it were to read 85% or higher, I would then skip this entire section and go on to the next section of the program; the Psychological section. (For a complete listing of categories in this program, see Appendix C.) Since this is not the case I push the Enter key and what appears next on the screen is +100-00-100 Polarities.

“As you may have noticed, this time when I placed my right hand on the stick plate I barely turn the knob with my other hand and it already produced a stick. The numbers read 99.9% so I know that this is not the area of imbalance. I push the [Enter] button on the computer again and I see in the window, 91-41 Innate Intelligence. This Tuning covers the Subtle Bodies section and again I get a stick near 100%. Again I push [Enter] and this time we see 9062775 Chakras.

I take a reading again and this time it sticks at 67%. I now know that this is an area of concern. To look deeper into this area, I take out my Biofield Research Manual that goes along with the B-4 software package for the SE-5 1000. Next I look up Chakras in Section 1 so that I can see exactly which chakra or chakras need to be balanced.”

Once inside the book we find a list of the chakras along with some other related tunings. Under Section 1, Chakras, it looks like this:

+365 6058 Crown Center +106 0351 Brow Center +283 7859 Throat Center +666 0094 Heart Center +166 7509 Solar Plexus Center +226 6565 Sacral Plexus Center +562 6565 Base Center +308 9805 Subtle Body Coordination +80331 Aura +37-22 Aura Coordination +30-65 Positive Energies +853 5655 Rays +297-0309 Balance +893 0409 Coordination +45.5-45 Psychic Visualization +28-12 Out of Body Experience 43-28 Aura Disturbance 40-54 Negative Influences 73731014 Aura Shock 73740014 Aura Imbalance

“As you can see, it would take quite some time to type in each one of these Tunings and names to take a reading. I will show you a short cut in just a moment, but first I want to answer any questions,” Al said.

I asked, “On the chart where is says Crown Center, is that the same as Crown Chakra?”

“Yes,” Al answered. “Each chakra is referred to here, by the word ‘Center’ after it. There are seven major chakras. According to Auyrevedic medicine from India, each one of the chakras feeds subtle energy to different organs. They are also connected to other areas of our lives, for example the Base Center deals mainly with our survival energy and the Sacral Center with our sexuality. The Solar Plexus Center is our power center and is directly linked to our will power. The Heart Center is the love energy center. The Throat Center deals with our ability to express ourselves verbally. The Brow Center is between the eyes just above the brows and is our psychic window and our imagination center. The Crown Center is our connection to the Spiritual energy.

“This is a very brief description, but there are many books about different aspects of the chakras. An excellent reference book is “Vibrational Medicine” by Richard Gerber M.D. (Bear and Co.)

“You might have noticed that the last few Tunings do not have a + sign in front, which means that these are considered negative tunings. It is not necessary to type the + sign into the computer, it is for your reference only,” Al said.

He continued, “So now back to our short cut. This time I’ll bring out the Infra Red Scanning Probe.” (see Appendix C) He connected the Scanning Probe on the front of the instrument. He then pressed the Normal-Scan button (#3) into the Scan mode. The probe lit up with an eerie red glow. “I use this switch as an amplifier for the scanning probe to pick up resonating fields from its pointer.”

“I set the Amplitude knob at about 85% so that I will only pick up readings that are below this level. By holding the probe in my left hand, I can place the Scanning Probe point at the top of the list of chakras while rubbing the stick plate with my right hand. While touching the pointer on top of the word Crown Center, I can touch either the word or the number, it doesn’t matter. I mentally ask the question ‘Is this the cause of the imbalance?’ If it sticks then I know that I need to type the Tuning into the computer and measure it like we did before.”

He took a moment to do this and said, “I did not get a stick so then I move the probe down to the next word/number Brow Center, and again mentally ask the question ‘Is this the cause of the imbalance?’ Again I did not get a stick so I move on to the next Tuning, Throat Center. As you can see, this time my fingers are sticking to the Plate and so I type into the computer window, 283 7859. It is enough to type in just the numbers.”

He continued talking as he worked, “I switch the Normal/Scan switch back into the Normal mode and take a reading the way we did before by placing my left hand on the Amplitude Knob and begin turning it down from 100 while rubbing my right fingers on the stick plate. This time I get a reading of 81%. This is a little low, but it is not the main problem area that would cause the overall Chakra number to have read 67%,” he said.

“Write it down though for later balancing,” Al told me as he continued his explanation. “Switching back to the Scan mode, I continue with the list. Is it Heart?; Yes again. OK. Again I switch back to the Normal mode and type the Tuning for the Heart Center, 666 0094, into the computer. I take a reading and this time it reads 47%. Ah ha, this could be the main IDF imbalance. I switch back to normal and ask, is it Solar Plexus?; no stick, is it Sacral?; no stick, is it Base? Yes, again a stick. I switch back to measure and take a reading; 67%. This is also very low.

“At this time we can do one of two things,” Al explained. “First, we can try balancing each Tuning one by one by typing in a Tuning, turning the Amplitude knob to 100%, switching into the Balance mode and wait a few seconds for it to balance. Or we can write these numbers down and keep track of all of the Tunings that we find, and make a Custom Program that will automatically balance each of the Tunings.

“A Custom Program is made by creating a Session in the SE-5 1000 software and then either using the software program with the SE-5 1000 to balance each Tuning or download the entire Custom Program into the SE-5 1000 internal memory and then using the SE-5 1000 in Stand Alone Mode without the computer. The SE-5 1000 will then display each one of the Tunings that you have put in the Custom Program, one at a time. The computer will remember them for us and keep them in its memory.

“I prefer to do this for two reasons. The first is, that it takes me less time to let the computer do the balancing work later, while I am doing something else. The second reason is that by waiting to do the balancing, I have a complete picture of what is happening and can begin to see a pattern developing. After some experience with this, it is easier to work with a pattern and clear all of it, rather than dealing with just one or two areas of concern.”

He had me make two columns on a sheet of paper. One side for all of the negative Tunings we found and on the other side, the positive Tunings.

Tunings ________________________+ Tunings

Then he continued the scan as he did before. He checked the Base Center and again got a stick so he measured it and I wrote it down. Next, Subtle Body, no stick, Aura, no stick, down through Balance. Here he again got a stick and I wrote the Tuning into our list. When we were finished, this is what it looked like.

Tunings _____________________+ Tunings

43-28 Aura Disturbance....... l ..........283 7859 Throat Center

73731014 Aura Shock......... l ..........666 0094 Heart Center

73740014 Aura Imbalance. l ..........297 0309 Balance

...........................................l..........562 6565 BaseCenter

I showed him the paper and he checked it to make sure that everything was in order.