Shamans, in the classical sense, have traditionally been the healers and wise men/women for the people. In his book "The Eagle's Quest" (Simon and Schuster), Fred Allen Wolf explores the Shaman's world from the standpoint of a quantum physicist. Wolf describes his own journey from the totally rational, left brained world of science to his discovery of intuition, natural healing, and many aspects of life that western logic would consider impossible.

During a lecture that he was giving in Seattle Washington, he asked the audience,

"Does anyone know how the technology of the 21st century will function?" My hand went up immediately, almost without conscious control, and I replied, "It will be consciousness interactive technology." He said "Exactly!" What I didn't tell him at the time was that this technology had already been here in the 20th century and I had been teaching people to use this technology for many years!

This is the age of the Quantum Shaman

In a very real sense, the SE-5 has put methods of interacting with the subtle regions of the Shamans into a scientific, yet understandable, approach. I am not suggesting that every person who learns to use the SE-5 will be able to heal people like a Shaman, however I have seen that the SE-5 is simple enough for everyone to use.

According to Wolf, there are several things that all Shamans have in common. The first being that all Shamans see the universe as made from vibrations. The SE-5 interacts directly on these subtle vibrations and makes changes in the vibrational blueprints that are really the building blocks of the universe. I cover this in depth in Chapter 4.

Another thing that Shamans have in common is that will use any device to alter a patient’s belief about reality. The SE-5 comes on strong in this regard. After experiencing the effects of the SE-5 on my own health and life, I can see why this kind of technology has gained the mystique of the “Magic Black Box”. I have seen many miracles in my life and many of them I would attribute directly to the SE-5. I am talking about real miracles, not the kind that Steve Martin did in the movie, “A Leap of Faith”, but rather experiences that have no logical explanation.

What is a miracle? Webster’s describes it as “any occurrence that is not explainable by the laws of nature.” The laws of nature are what we now call science and physics. Is it possible to have a science of miracles?

Both Wolf, in his way, and I have attempted to find a system behind miracles. I guess when we discover the laws that govern miracles, then those occurrences would then move out of the realm of miraculous into the ordinary world of science. If a native were to come upon a radio playing music in the forest, he would certainly find this to be a miracle. If we were to observe the Shaman of his tribe healing someone through the changes in their vibrational patterns, we might also think this to be a miracle. But to the electronics engineer and the Shaman, these experiences appear in the natural order of things in their respective worlds.

Regaining Wholeness Through the Subtle Dimensions is really a movement that every individual is already in the process of unfolding. As we gain a broader understanding of the underlying principles of Life, we begin to see that there are many avenues toward the same goal. Whether we are learning through health, relationships, business, self exploration, or extraterrestrial contact, we are, in essence, on the path to Regaining Wholeness.

Using the SE-5, an instrument used to analyze and balance subtle informational fields, puts many dimensions literally at our fingertips that would otherwise remain in our consciousness like a dream that hovers at the edge of remembering, haunting our daily thoughts for recognition. Regaining Wholeness through the use of the SE-5 has become an exciting adventure that has opened many new subtle dimensions.

This book is divided in two parts. The first part is to familiarize the newcomer with the purpose and theory behind the SE-5. You will find the features of the SE-5 to be sometimes astounding, and at other times actually hard to believe. Had I not experienced these things, I could easily think this to be a science fiction book. I can assure you that this technology does exist, and I have done my best to describe the results of using this equipment in a language that is both understandable, accurate, and legal. Over the years many people have confused this kind of technology with medical devices that work on the physical body. Because of this the FDA has been very hard on this area of research. The SE-5 plus does not work on the physical level in any way, shape, or form! It functions more like an architect that has control over the building process, but never drives a nail.

Since discovering the SE-5 was such an incredible experience for me, I had to come up with some explanation of how it could function. This lead to my study of Quantum Physics and then beyond into some of the more offbeat scientific work that has been done. In the theory section I have tried to keep the explanations in lay people’s terms, and at the same time give an accurate overview of a model that encompasses the effects and results of the SE-5.

Even though all of the experiences and results with the SE-5 plus in this book are nonfiction, I have woven them together in an easy to read story format. I have practiced lucid dreaming since my teens and have had many wonderful experiences. Even though have I learned much information about using the SE-5 plus through my dreams, the events you are about to read did not take place in a series of lucid dreams as the story unfolds. Most all of these things happened during normal waking hours in 3-D solid reality.

Part two delves into actual practical applications of the SE-5 with many anecdotal experiences that in older times would have been called miraculous . If there was ever to be developed a technology of miracles, it would be the SE-5.

Part two of the book will be of great benefit to those who already have an SE-5 as well as those of you who are wondering how this technology can be applied to your life. Will the next bottle of vitamins you buy be your last? There are explicit instructions of how to use the SE-5 to replicate the informational building blocks of substances like vitamins into another material, like water. (Save on those vitamin bills). Would you like to know how to get 60,000+ miles out of a set of tires? How about finding lost or stolen articles? I will even tell you how I was able to get rid of the odors of a new carpet simply by changing the subtle field that surrounded it!

Even if you do not have an SE-5, part two of the book will be very interesting, as it has many unusual uses and anecdotes about the SE-5.

There are many more uses for the SE-5 than I could ever put into a book, however the intent of this book is to help you understand the principles by which it functions, which in turn will allow you to use your imagination and come up with ways of using the SE-5 that have not yet been discovered. May your path be exciting and full of wondrous surprises.

Don Paris Ph.D.

Quantum Shaman