Local Harmony

(From the inventor of the SE-5 plus) This geometric resonates with positive earth energies. The intent of the pattern is to clear earth imbalances. These imbalances come from ELF, the abused rain forests, chemical and radiation pollution, and the misuse of atomic energy.

Local Harmony
(From the inventor of the SE-5 plus)

This geometric resonates with the IDF information intended to clear local environmental imbalances. These imbalances include gravity anomalies, ley line disturbances, soil infertility, and pollution. The effective range is about 150 feet of the pattern. 

Initial testing shows positive results on some bug and pest nuisance problems as well.

Use by placing on a wall, floor, or ceiling in any position or orientation. Outdoors, place on fence posts or trees, or even bury in the ground. If fastened, be certain to use large soft washers to protect the laminate from cracking.

To completely cover a large house, building lot or garden area, place four in a rectangular pattern (one in each corner). Location and orientation are not critical. They may be up to 330 feet apart -  and will cover a ten acre square. If elevated, use within 150 feet of the ground level.

Since colors will fade in direct sunlight, (but will keep functioning until severely faded), place with colored side facing away from the sun.

The Local Harmony pattern is 2 -1/2 inches in diameter and includes heavy laminating for protection from the elements. A hole is punched near the edge for mounting. Larger sizes of Local Harmony are no more effective than the 2 1/2 inch size.

How do they work?

The straight and curved lines of the geometrics with their definitive angular and spatial relationships, and colors, tune to many IDFs. (Intrinsic Data Field or informational patterns surrounding all objects). The resonating patterns appear to radiate a strong positive field of information.

Many persons feel this projected information. Others see light glowing around the patterns. Some people even report hearing a gentle breeze or surf sound from the geometrics.

Due to the present state of scientific understanding and explanation of subtle field devices, the manufacturer and seller can make no claims as to the use and effectiveness of these geometrics. For Experimental use only.

Local Harmony Tuned Geometrics


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