Chapter 11 (Finding an Ideal Place to Live)

Thinking of moving? Where would be the best place to move? Where would you prosper in all areas of your life? This is a great procedure for this kind of question. This can also be applied to taking vacations or expanding into new areas of business. Procedure:

1. Normal Start-up.

2. Place your picture or snip of hair or other suitable Sample into the Cell. (If using hair, put it into a glassine envelope.)

3. Connect the Scanning Probe to the jack on the front of the SE-5 1000 (see Appendix C).

4. Type into the window using the Word Tuning option in the SE-5 1000 PC software: “FTHG / MOST BENEFICIAL PLACE TO LIVE” (You can also add words like: beautiful, prosperous, etc.)

5. Set the Normal/Scan Switch into the Scan position.

6. Set the AMPLITUDE at 100.

7. With a suitable map. You can begin with a world, country or state map, whichever is most appropriate. Lay it flat on the left side of the SE-5 1000 and begin stroking the Stick Plate with your right hand while using the tip of the Input Probe to touch the top, left corner of the map. Slide the Probe along the top edge of the map until you get a stick. (If you do not get a stick you may need to find a map that covers more area.)

8. Move the Probe down the left side of the map until you again get a stick.

9. Move across the map to where the two points intersect with one another and then find a more detailed map of this area.

10. Repeat the process until you find the exact location, if that is appropriate. You may also want to get relatively close, then physically go to that place and use your intuition to find the exact location.

Notes: Try it. This is an adventure that is fun and it works very well. Some places are more harmonious to our personal vibration, as well as for a business, etc. If you are in a partnership or family it is best to use a sample with everyone involved. This way you get a more balanced outcome, even though there may be a better place for you personally.


Q. Can I find a place for a friend as well, or does my Sample have to be in the Cell?

A. Yes, you can find a place for anyone. After step 1, clear the Cell by taking out your Sample and turning the SE-5 1000 off and then on again and place a Sample of your friend in the Cell. (step 2)