Chapter 10 (Replicating* Materials (IDFs))

*Replicating something, means to potentize the IDFs of one substance, into another.

Can one bottle of vitamins last a lifetime? This simple procedure seems to go a long way toward that end. This can also be tried with other items as well. This process puts the IDFs of one material into another.

One day I was sitting in a cafe playing with the SE-5 1000 with a group of friends. As we discussed this very topic someone asked if the SE-5 1000 could put the caffeine back into his DE-CAF coffee. I said we could give it a try. After the experiment he said it definitely tasted better and within 5 - 10 minutes he said he was feeling ‘peppy’ like he feels when he drinks normal coffee. Now obviously there wasn’t any physical caffeine in the drink.

Another time after I had ‘transferred’ some vitamin IDFs into a glass of water, someone noticed that the water tasted decidedly different, almost sour like the vitamins. I thought this would be a great opportunity for a double blind test, so I blindfolded him (Twice!) and poured a glass of normal water and had him taste test each one. After switching them around several times, each time he was able to pick the ‘Vitamin’ water. Once I got sneaky and slid a glass of normal water over to replace the ‘Vitamin’ water. He was testing two normal glasses of water. He was not able to distinguish between the two waters this time.


1. Normal Startup.

2. Slide the Input Plate into Cell.

3. Place a sample of the material that you would like to transfer onto the center of the Input Plate, preferably in a glass container to keep the Plate clean. (or clean it when you are through with a soft, damp cloth.)

4. Place a sample of your material that you want to transfer to (the target or destination) onto the Output Plate (also known as the Stick Plate).

5. Begin the Potentizing Program in your SE-5 1000 PC software and you will see in the window “Type IN NAME /POTENCY.’’

6. Instead of name and potency type in, “FTHG / REPLICATE IDFs OF SOURCE.’’ 7. Set the Amplitude @100 and the Measure Switch into the Balance position.

8. Press [ENTER]. The computer says “POTENTIZING.” After the arrow is finished its path across the screen, it says “COMPLETE” and the replication is complete. 9. Set Measure Switch back to Measure and remove your original material as well as the ‘new’ material from the SE-5 1000.

If the two items are small, then you can use the Replicator! Simply put the original on the INPUT coil and you new "blank" substance on the OUTPUT coil and press the Seven Pointed Star button. Wait until it is finished....


Q. Does this really do anything to the water? (Or whatever the target is.)

A. I know of two experiments that may shed some light on this. The first was a process that Marcel Vogel did with programming a crystal with ‘white light’ IDFs, and then let wine spiral down in a tube around the crystal. He would measure the infrared and ultraviolet spectrum of frequencies of the wine before and after the run. His ‘potentized’ wine showed the I.R. and U.V. signature as that of the finest wines. His potentized wines have won the Finest Awards for the best wine for 5 years straight!

Then he tried putting water through the same process and the I.R. and U.V looked exactly like that of the wine! He said it even tasted a little like wine, but not enough to bring up conversations of the Second Coming. Another experiment was done at Harvard, I believe, where they put a substance in a small dish that had a strong magnetic field and then shined a laser over the top of the dish. At the other end of the laser light, there appeared microscopic traces of the substance. Somehow the light carried enough IDFs to complete the manifestation.