Part II (Applications of the SE-5 1000)

Al had still not returned, so I looked around the booth to entertain myself, and perhaps learn something more about the SE-5 1000. A small spiral notebook laying on a table caught my eye. On the cover was handwritten, Applications of the SE-5 1000. What a gold mine. This was just what I wanted to know. I put myself into a light trance in order to use my photographic memory, and started working through the notebook. It began...

All applications of the SE-5 1000 will begin with a procedure called the Normal Start-up. This consists of first grounding out any static electricity from the body, turning on the SE-5 1000 and waiting for the ‘Clearing Cycle’ to complete. (approx. 5 seconds.) The Clearing Cycle ‘clears’ the Cell of any remaining IDFs from the last Sample. The switches would be as follows: Switch #4 (see fig. 1.3) Measure position; #3, Normal; #2, 100; #1, On.

When a Sample is used, one then places the Sample into the Cell. (In the instructions below, appropriate Samples are described.)

ALL INITIAL TESTS (Interferences, etc.) MUST BE FIRST PERFORMED BEFORE CONTINUING. (Initial Tests are found in Chapter 2 , p 40-41) At the beginning of many Tunings, you will notice that they begin with the letters “FTHG.” This means “For The Highest Good” and is my way of saying to the Universe, “Support this change if it is appropriate and for the good of all.’’

Chapter 7 (Potentizing Substances)

To potentize something means that you put a specific vibrational information field or IDF into a substance, like water, alcohol, or sugar tablets. The way that homeopathy does this is by mixing some of a physical substance, like sulfur, with alcohol. Then it is shaken vigorously many times and a small portion of this shaken mixture is then diluted with more alcohol and shaken again. A small portion of this would then be taken out and diluted with more alcohol and again shaken and so on. The more it is diluted and shaken, the more potent it becomes. Hence potentized. In a homeopathic substance of the strength 200X, (diluted by tenths), there is not any of the actual physical substance left in the alcohol, but the IDFs remain intact and are highly active.

The SE-5 1000 can simulate this effect through a program in the SE-5 1000 software and makes it very simple to place IDFs into other substances. Several manufacturers of Homeopathic Remedies now use the SE-5 to make their remedies. They have found that they can make them up accurately and freshly, as they need them, and they have a very good shelf life.


1. Begin with Normal Start-up and Initial Tests. In this procedure we will not be using a Sample of anything or anyone, so the Cell will be empty. For our example we will be preparing a 200X potency of Rock Water which is a flower remedy.

2. In your SE-5 1000 software, go to Balancing/ Potentize. You will see, “TYPE IN NAME / POTENCY.’’

3. Type in the name Rock Water or the Tuning 3030222 or both name and Tuning. Make a space and then type in the desired potency, in this case 200X.

4. Read over what you have typed in to make sure it is correct. Go back and make any corrections if necessary.

5. When the screen reads correctly with the desired Tuning and potency, type in the time needed to potentize (ie. 11 seconds) then place your substance that you would like to potentize (i.e. water, milk sugar tablets, alcohol, crystal, etc.) on the Plate. (#8)

6. Turn the Amplitude Knob (#7) to 100.

7. Switch the Measure Switch (#4) into the Balance position. 8. Click the START button on the computer and as the cursor scrolls across the screen the SE-5 1000 potentizes the remedy.

9. When the cursor has reached the end of the screen, the potentizing effect is complete.

10. Remove your substance from the Plate and switch the Measure Switch back to the Measure position.

Congratulations, you have just prepared a potentized substance!


Some materials seem to hold the IDFs longer than others. The materials listed above do quite well. I do not suggest the use of distilled water as the minerals hold the IDFs much longer. In fact adding a pinch of sea salt or other mineral solution is excellent. It is best to keep your potentized substances in a dark glass bottle out of direct sunlight. Also keep the bottle from dropping or other physical shock. Strong magnetic fields (like loudspeakers) can scramble the IDFs.

What I like to do is “Dowse” for the potency by mentally asking the question, “What is the appropriate potency for this preparation for this person.’’ Then I begin at zero and, while stroking the Plate, turn the amplitude up until I get a stick. I keep in mind that I am measuring in X potency or M potency etc. To personalize the remedy to the person, you can put their picture into the Cell before the instrument is Potentizing.

It is not practical to replicate extremely high-potency preparations. Potencies above 1MM decay rapidly in a polluted environment. Potencies above 30MM decay rapidly to 30MM or lower, depending on the interfering fields present.


Q. Can I potentize more than one substance into the same material?

A. Yes it is possible, but you may have varying results. Classical homeopathy suggests that a person only work with one substance at a time to keep all indications clear. However it is very common these days to find homeopathic combinations of many sorts. I seem to have had the best results by putting in one substance at a time into the material.

Q. Do I need to use the Potentize program to potentize?.

A. To do an actual Potentizing you do need to use the Potentize program, however you can certainly put IDFs into a material without it. (see next experiment) The Potentizing program is kind of like exciting your lover before going to bed. The results can turn out differently.