Chapter 8 (Programming IDFs into a Material)

Programming IDFs into another material is useful for at least two reasons. One is in the case that you have specialized software that does not have the Potentize program as stated above. Number two, is that you can put an entire program into a material that can then be used as the balancing medium, in case you are too busy doing analysis’s on your instrument. For example, let’s say that you have done an analysis on your house plant and found that it needed more selenium, nitrogen and because of this had attracted some small bugs. Instead of balancing these on your instrument, you could place these IDFs into a gallon jug of water, by using the process listed below, and you could then water your plant with this ‘water’ over the next few weeks. This would free up your instrument to do other things.


1. Begin with the Normal Startup.

2. Place the Sample into the Cell. (#6)

3. For our example place the gallon jug of water on the right hand side of the SE-5 1000. (approx. 12 inches away)

4. Plug in the Light Cable (See Appendix C) into BNC connector on the back of the SE-5 1000.

5. Wrap the cable around the jug a few times in either direction.

6. For our example using the Word Tunings option in the SE-5 1000 PC software, enter into the window of the computer...’’FTHG / 17-79 SELENIUM / 12-19 NITROGEN / REMOVE BUGS’’ (It is not necessary to put in the words selenium and nitrogen, but you can if you want too.)

7. Set the Amplitude Knob to 100 and the Measure Switch to the Balance position.

8. Wait about 10 to 15 seconds. (longer if you have more tunings)

9. Switch back to Measure and mentally ask “Is this fully charged?”

10. If you get a stick you are finished, if not, repeat steps 7-9.


An excellent alternative is to use a quartz crystal or diamond ring as a material to program. One can then carry the crystal in a pocket or wear the ring and allow the program to emanate from the stone. It is best to “clear” the stone first. (By performing the next experiment.)

An alternative to typing all of the Tunings into the computer at once, is to build a Custom Program which would allow each tuning to be displayed, one after another, in a sequence. This would allow the Tunings to go into the material one at a time. With only a few Tunings it is possible to type them all in at once, but if you have a larger program, it is best to make a Custom Program.


Q. What is the appropriate number of Tunings I can put into a material?

A. This is best answered by dowsing for the number. Place the material on the Input Plate (See Appendix C) and mentally ask the question “What is the appropriate number of Tunings to put into this material?’’ While stroking the Detector Plate, (#8) turn the Amplitude Knob up from zero until you get a stick. It will vary with different types of materials. Water with a mineral solution will hold a much larger program than normal water. Also a diamond will usually hold more that quartz.

Q. Will this solution in our example kill the bugs on my plant?

A. Normally not. The SE-5 1000 is not designed to kill anything. They will usually leave naturally as the plant’s health improves.

Q. Will this solution heal my plant? A. No. The plant heals itself. The SE-5 1000 only optimizes the conditions for healing to take place. When in doubt contact your licensed plant practitioner.