Chapter 9 (Clearing Stones and Jewelry)

This is perhaps one of the most outstanding demonstrations of the SE-5 1000. This is because it is immediate and almost everyone is able to see the difference. Many times the reason a ring or stone is dull in its appearance is not because of dirt, but rather because it has “collected” negativity, which often clings like dirt. By following the next procedure, you and your friends will be amazed at how subtle fields can change the looks of a stone. I have actually seen stones, that I thought were completely opaque, become translucent and even transparent before my eyes.


1. Begin with the Normal Startup.

2. Place the Input Plate into the Cell (#6).

3. Place the stone or ring onto the Input Plate.

4. Turn the SE-5 1000 Off for about five seconds and then back On. (Switch #1)

5. Wait for about 5 seconds.

6. Look at the stone. Is it bright enough yet. If not repeat steps 4-6.


I find that I generally need to do this about 3-5 times before it really starts shining. This of course works only on cloudy stones. New diamonds don’t change much. This will work on metals such as gold and silver as well, but the visual effects are not so amazing.


Q. How can I clear a stone larger than will comfortably fit on the Input Plate? A. The best way would be to first take a Polaroid photograph of the item. After testing the five preliminary interference readings, press the ALPHA key and type into the window, “CLEAR INPUT OF ALL NEGATIVITY”, put the Measure Switch to Balance and the Amplitude to 100.

Q. If I forget a photograph in the Cell and turn the SE-5 1000 On and Off, will it clear the photograph and make it unusable? A. It can. This will usually show up under the interferences section of the Initial Tests for interferences.